Reptilians for Good

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Wave one of REPTILIANS FOR GOOD consists of 10,000 unique reptilian beings operating from the shadows of the metaverse. Each is randomized from over 100 traits and spread across 4 completely different base characters. Members of our holder-only community will have the unique opportunity to do a lot of good in this world. See our roadmap below for more details.



The reptilians are a shapeshifting race of extraterrestrials who invaded earth millennia ago. They have influenced the course of mankind from the shadows. There are some who believe the reptilians are here for malicous purposes, but they are wrong. We are reptilians, and we're here for good.



20% - Charitable Donation

30% - Holder Benefit

40% - Giveaway

50% - Holder Exclusive Giveaway

60% - Charitable Donation

70% - Charitable Donation / Holder Benefit

80% - Holder Exclusive

90% - Charitable Donation & Holder Giveaway

100% - Benefits Ramped Up

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